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Nowadays, many devices and equipment can be connected to the Internet. Internet of Things (IoT) connects devices and equipment through the Internet. IoT is not just about connecting things, more importantly, it allows devices and equipment to connect, transfer data and exchange information, making the necessary commands.

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Laptop Computer

Smart Phone

Smart Watch

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Smart TV

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Smart City



- Infection Channels -

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Infected devices will be manipulated by hackers. The hackers can...

Theft of data

Privacy disclosure

Hijack device resources

Launch cyber attack

- Preventive Measures -

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- Password Suggestions -

Brute Force Attack

Any password can be cracked no matter how complex it is. Hackers use computer programmes to try different password combinations until they successfully gain access. Since the computing power keeps enhancing nowadays, the time needed for hackers to crack a password gets shorter.

Safe Password Tips

1. Do not use personal information, such as name, identity card number, vehicle registration mark, telephone number or date of birth as your password.
2. Do not use password made up of the same character.
3. Do not use characters that are in order, such as “abcdefg” or “23456789”.
4. Do not use password made up of characters next to each other on the keyboard, such as “qwertyui” or “!@#$%&*()”.
5. Do not use words that can be looked up in a dictionary, e.g. “Password”, be it in English or other foreign languages, or their reversed spelling.
6. Do not use common acronyms or abbreviations, such as “HKSAR” or “MTR”.

Is your password strong enough? Let's check it out.

- Scanning and Cleaning Tools -

- Smart Device Applications -

- Network Security Tool -

- Security Settings and Recommendations on "Zoom" -

- Privacy Settings on Social Media -

This guide provides suggestions to set the highest privacy permissions for the following social media.

Privacy Settings Guide

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